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What is EXPO?

EXPO has been bringing together the world’s innovators for over 150 years, to demonstrate science and technology developments for the public to be inspired and for businesses to be discovered. EXPO is a global event that aims at educating the public, promoting progress and fostering cooperation through interactive exhibitions, live shows, workshops, conferences and more. It is the world’s largest meeting place of countries, the private sector, the civil society and the general public.

World EXPO: The Origins

The Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) is the intergovernmental organisation in charge of overseeing and regulating World EXPOs, also known as World’s Fairs since 1931. World EXPOs welcome tens of millions of visitors and allow countries to build extraordinary pavilions. EXPOs have the potential to transform the landscape of a city for years to come. In recent times, World EXPOs no longer solely showcase industrial progress and national prestige. Increasingly, they are discussion platforms aimed at finding solutions to universal challenges of our time, such as urbanism (EXPO Shanghai 2010) or nutrition (EXPO Milan 2015). They take place every 5 years and last up to 6 months.

Specialised Expos: A Breakdown

Established by the BIE in 1988, Specialised EXPOs are global events dedicated to finding solutions to precise challenges of humanity, such as ocean protection (EXPO Yeosu 2012) or the future of energy (EXPO Astana 2017). While their entertainment and intellectual ambition is on par with World EXPOs, the event is smaller in size.


The main theme of EXPO 2017 is ‘Energy of the Future’. As an international community, we are all aware about the problem of energy consumption and its increasing impact on our planet. The mission of Future Energy is to cultivate this sense of responsibility by way of institutions, organisations, corporations and individuals with the aim of generating debate and awareness on the impact of energy management on the lives of the people and the planet.


An estimated 2 million tourists are expected at the exhibition, with the total anticipated number of visits to be 5 million.

It is planned that 85% of the total number of visitors will be citizens of Kazakhstan and 15% foreign nationals, most of which will come from CIS countries and China. Visitors from Europe, Turkey and the United States are also expected.


The International Specialised Exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana is held from 10 June until 10 September.

The largest project by Kazakhstan to date, Astana was chosen to host the International Specialised Exhibition EXPO 2017 on 22 November 2012 during the 152nd General Assembly of the International Exhibition Bureau (IEB).

Malaysia at EXPO 2017

Malaysia is proud to share the stage with over 100 nations, where we can showcase
our achievements and vision on how we can best power our modern world.

Our technology, innovation and national passion comes alive at a unique forum
where the world can learn and share ideas for the positive growth of our planet.
It is an honour to demonstrate to the world that green growth is in our nature.

Our Ministry and agencies will ensure that Malaysia’s emerging market leadership,
in all aspects of green growth, shines through.