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Powering Green Growth

The Malaysia Pavilion’s theme at EXPO 2017 is ‘Powering Green Growth’. By showcasing the Green Future that we have
carefully cultivated, we can be the emerging market model for the world because green growth is in our nature.

Focus Areas

Under our main theme, the Malaysia Pavilion is split further into five main sections.
Each theme complements our Green Growth Story.

the Nation

We want to highlight Malaysia’s progress since independence, with particular emphasis on the green technology and energy sector. Immerse yourself in a Malaysian rainforest and experience the sights, smells and sounds, recreated especially for the Malaysian Pavilion.


Malaysia’s transformation agenda to become a developed and high income nation by 2020 is featured. Its commitment on carbon reduction and climate change is also highlighted, with futuristic and green energy technologies as core drivers. Divided into three sections, our vision in providing clean energy to the world is explored here with Bintulu LNG, Petronas FLNG-1 and Solar Farms.

the Vision

Our Interactive Gallery contains engaging activities and ‘edutainment’, along with activities that allow you to experience Malaysia’s colourful and unique cultures and culinary delights. Learn about Malaysia’s plan on promoting energy efficient buildings and supporting green growth.

The Energy of

Live and breathe our Malaysian culture, by exploring our varied and timeless traditions. Visitors can virtually try on Malaysian traditional costumes using a series of interactive panels and digital mirrors, and practise Silat with an on-screen opponent. Gather at our multi-purpose stage and witness the colour, sound and excitement of Malaysian traditional performances.

Business Centre

We also have a dedicated business centre equipped with meeting rooms and lounge seating to provide a place for business matching and training. Here, various companies can showcase their products and services to be a part of our green future.